Production Time: August – November 2019

About the project

In the fascinating landscape of Helsinki, Nathalie Larquet watches and tracks her protagonist, Gesa Piper, who entrusted her diaries the sexual assault she was suffering from and which became the soundscore of the film. The images she captures are often hard and raw, but also delicate and full of empathy. The camera work is sometimes wild and unconventional but through this language the two artists manage to create a portrait without narratives, in the #metoo – debate that gets even more under the skin.

DIRECTOR | Nathalie Larquet (My Lovely White Dog)

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY | Nathalie Larquet (My Lovely White Dog)


RECORDED | Finland, March-April 2018

DANCE STYLE | Contemporary dance

PIECE OF DANCE | Helsinki Diaries

DANCE COMPANY | My Lovely White Dog (Germany)

MAIN ACTOR | Gesa Piper

DURATION | 00:21:30