productionperiod:  Januar – Juni 2014

In this performance, Nathalie Larquet and Liat Waysbort embark on an inner journey through time. Step by step, they discover the architecture of their life’s journey to date, which has left traces inside them, which is visible in their bodies and now seems to become a space for other people’s memories.


The collective memory of a human being, a female being, erases personal memories for a time and so their bodies become universal, empty shells, images, symbols that appear distorted by ideas and ideals of gender, power and sex.
In WATERredSKY, many room doors open for the viewer. Intimate, changeable rooms full of love, but also pain and the limits of impossibility become visible. These rooms are their own bodies, they reflect the endeavour to become and to be.

The characters that Nathalie and Liat create are confronted with the necessity of overcoming or tearing down barricades of dictatorial and idealising memories in order to discover themselves. The self-portraits of their digital photographs (selfies), which are hurled at them on the screen, expose what is hidden and promote a process of personal realisation and the search for identity.
However, these projections also open up access to inner beauty, feelings and secrets. They find refuge in these powerful images and yet are at the same time homeless in their homeland.

WATERredSKY is the first joint work for stage and film by Liat Waysbort, who worked for fifteen years in Tel Aviv with Ohad Naharin at Batsheva Dance Company, as well as with William Forsythe and Wim Vandekeybus, and Nathalie Larquet, whose last work “strategies of the unpredictable” was premiered at the BIENNALE DANZA di VENEZIA as part of “Marathon of the Unexpected”. WATERredSKY is the continuation of this choreography.

As part of its programme, FLOW DANCE 2014 presents congenial works by choreographers whose work focuses on NRW and their international artistic alter egos.

Nathalie Larquet & Liat Waysbort

Nathalie Larquet

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